As with many nowadays Welsh Breeders the love for the Welsh breed already began with grandfather Arie Hoeke, when he bought a riding pony for his children in 1966.
After this one, many more were to follow at Hoekhorst a.o. Twyn Mona (Revel Starlight x Twyn Chess), Hoekhorst Edelweisz, Anri Mary Poppins, Clwyd Vanessa and the PB Eden Tiffany.Specially the line of Twyn Mona had a great influence to the stud. In 1966 she had a lovely filly foal Hoekhorst Edelweisz by Revel Copyright, who became the stud’s best show mare in the 70’s.
Her best show result was winning the Dutch National Championship three times. At that time some influencial stallions were used, like:
Sinton Peal and Springbourne Banner. In 1972 the palomino stallion Belvoir Zoroaster was bought who already had left his marks in the showring, and left some good stock in the U.K. and Overseas.
Edelweisz has brought the full sisters Hoekhorst Madelief and Hoekhorst Michaela, both grey and by Belvoir Zoroaster. The other stallion was used these days was Ernford Dragonfly (Georgian Gerald x Readytoken Camelia) who suited well on the Zoroaster fillies. Edelweisz’s first foal by Ernford Dragonfly was a colt, called Hoekhorst Marco, who won a lot in the showring as a three year old.He was sold after he was placed second at the stallion show in the North of Holland. Another daughter of Twyn Mona was Hoekhorst Mona Lisa by Sinton Peal. She was a beautiful filly with the most fantastic head on her.

As a three year old she was covered by Belvoir Zoroaster, and the result was a bay filly Hoekhorst Manja. She was not a true show mare, but became a heavy type old fashioned brood mare.
In the Spring of 1990 we covered her with IJsselvliedt’s Primeur (Whatton Copper Beech x IJsselvliedt’s Black Tulip). Then she brings a chestnut filly Hoekhorst Mary Poppins, who was many times Champion at the local shows both in Holland and Belgium.

Mary Poppins has brought only one foal by our stallion Desarbre Shoestring, as she died the next year.
The filly foal Hoekhorst Melody was shown successfully as a yearling, and as a two- and three- year old. Melody was several times Youngstock Champion and Overall Champion sec. B.
She’s the only one left from the line we originally started with.

As an outcross was needed, the grey filly Carmana’s LadySpringtime (S. Eyarth Harlequin x Abercrychan Cavalier) was bought in 1989.

She was mainly covered by the stud stallion Desarbre Shoestring, and their offspring include the profilic show winners, Hoekhorst Sweet Lady and Hoekhorst Sweet Surprise. Hoekhorst Sweet Lady was sold to Sweden after she left us a daughter of Shamrock Mr Oliver. Hoekhorst Sweet Surprise is retained to the stud, has won many prizes include the Supreme national Championship in 2003.

In 1999 another mare joined the Hoekhorst Ponies, Eyarth Isadora (Brookhouse Chuckler x Eyarth Zsa Zsa). Her palomino yearling colt, Hoekhorst Imperial (by Eyarth Celebration) was succesfully shown in Wales during 2004 by Colin Tibbey.

In 2003, the lovely broodmare Talhaearn Jessabell (Eyarth Celebration x Talhaearn Eirlys-y-Pasg). was bought from Clive Morse. She has been previously spotted, but was not for sale at that time; when the oppertunity arose, the purchase was quickly arranged. In 2004 Jessabell produced a stunning filly foal , Hoekhorst Joelle by Eyarth Savero. Joelle is sold at Fayre Oaks 2005.

Other promosing filly’s are Hoekhorst Sparkling Lucinda (Shamrock mr Oliver x Hoekhorst Sweet Lady) & Hoekhorst Sweet Sonata (Kenwood’s Royalist x Carmana’s Lady Springtime)

After the International Show in Peterborough 1992, the palomino Section B colt, Desarbre Shoestring, was taken home having been purchased in 1991 as a foal from Mrs Jane Card. Today he remains the Stud’s senior Stallion. He has proved to be a fantasticc stock getter and had produced many champions at Hoekhorst.
In 1998, the young colt, Moelgarnedd Montana, was bought after a visit to his breeder, David Williams. Montana proved to be a profilic show winner both in the U.K. and at home. Montana was meanwhile sold to enthousiastic breeders in Sweden.

The Section B colt, Eyarth Simeon (Carwed Charmer x Eyarth Isabella), was purchased in 2003; he has covered most of the mares in 2004 after he was licensed at the Dutch Stallion Grading Show in February. Foals of 2005 looked promosing. Two filly’s are retained to the stud namly, Hoekhorst Sue Ellen (out of H.H Sweet Surprise) & Hoekhorst Juliette (out of Talhaearn Jessabell).

For the future a great deal is expected from the
homebred colt, Hoekhorst Imperial (Eyarth Celebration x Eyarth Isadora)

Recent major show successes include:

1996 – International Show, Compiegne, France
H.H. Sweet Lady (Reserve Junior Champion sec. B)
H.H. Nikita (Reserver Supreme Champion-all sections)
1998 – International Show, Göteborg, Sweden
H.H. Sweet Surprise (Overall Junior Champion-all sections)
H.H. Melody (Reserve Junior Champion section B)
1999 – Glanusk Stallion Show
Moelgarnedd Montana (Overall Champion section B)
2000 – International Show, Ermelo, Holland
H.H. Melody (2nd place in the broodmare class)
2001 – NWPCS Dutch National Mare Show
H.H. Sweet Lady (Reserve Supreme Champion all sections)
2002 – Royal Welsh Show
H.H. Sweet Sonata (5th place)
H.H. Sparkling Lucinda (9th place)
2003 – International Show, Aachen, Germany
H.H. Sweet Surprise (1st in the broodmare class)
H.H. Sparkling Lucinda (1st in the Youngstock class)
H.H. Sweet Sonata (Reserve Youngstock Champion sec B)
2003 – NWPCS Dutch National Mare Show
H.H. Sweet Surprise (Overall Supreme Champion all sec)
2004 – Glanusk Stallion Show
H.H. Imperial (1st yearling colt and Reserve Junior Champ)
2004 – Royal Welsh SHow
H.H. Imperial (3rd place in the yearling colt class)
H.H. Melody (4th place in the broodmare class)

At the Fayre Oaks sale 2000 the section A mare Flydon Megan (Colgele Cadno x Flydon Elonwy) was bought. It’s a shame that we have lost her in December 2004. Until that she has produced some good offspring at Hoekhorst;
2002 Hoekhorst Evita, filly by Tynifid Edwin (TyrCapel Sprig)
2003 Hoekhorst Emily, filly by Pendock Mirage (Revel Jeeves)
2004 Hoekhorst Eclipse, colt by Pentyrch Viking (Cantref Glory)
All her offspring is retained to the stud.
Megan herself enjoyed quite a good show record over the past couple of years. Only showed her for 2 years:

2003  Supreme Overall Champion Londerzeel show Belgium
2003  Supreme Overall Champion Sevenum regional show
2004  Supreme Overall Champion Heteren regional show
2004  Reserve National Section A Champion at Dutch natioal mare show

Flydon Megan
1994 – 2004
Hoekhorst Mary Poppins
Moelgarnedd Montana
Hoekhorst Edelweisz
Hoekhorst Melody
Carmana's Lady Springtime
Hoekhorst Sweet Surprise
Eyarth Isadora
Hoekhorst Joelle
Talhaern Jessabell
Eyarth Simeon
Eyarth Simeon
Supreme Champion Londerzeel 2003
Supreme Champion Heteren 2004
Supreme Champion Sevenum 2003