Racing Horses : Types and Breeds

Hello everyone and welcome to our page. Today we’ll talk about horses. First we’ll start things off by telling a few general things and talk about the most popular horse breeds. We’ll then talk about a specific type and its history. We will then proceed and talk about the top fastest breeds of horses. After that, since we’re on the subject of fast, we’ll talk a little bit about horse racing and everything you need to know about it. We’ll then finish things off by talking about the most expensive popular horse breeds. We also didn’t forget our casino fans. We reviewed the best horse slot games that you can play for real money and did a little research at this page right here on how you can win big, playing these games.

In general, when it comes to popular horse breeds, one can’t help but to mention the likes of: the Arabian horse, the Mustang and also the English breeds such as the Shire horse and the Thoroughbred horse. In addition to that, there is another breed that is considered to be amongst the most popular horse breeds and that is the pony. In the following text we’ll talk about the Hoekhrost Pony and give you a little insight on their history.

Hoekhorst Ponies and their History

This type of Pony has origin that tracks back to the middle ages. Traces of its origin can be found in Wales and the British Isles. Back in those days, this horse breed could be found roaming the countryside. They were also used as domestic animals. They were known for their carrying capabilities and were of great help on farms. Nowadays, ponies can be found on carnivals or petting zoos and are usually there for children’s entertainment.

Top Fastest Horse Breeds

There is a difference in each horse breed and one specific factor is speed. Having a fast horse can make a difference depending on what is your use for it. Through the course of human history, armies that had faster horses had an upper hand on their enemies. Nowadays, fast horses are used generally for racing. Some of the most popular horse breeds used for racing include the likes of: the Thoroughbred horse, the American Quarter horse, the Arabian horse, the Standardbred, the Appaloosa, the Andalusians and similar others. All of these breeds can be found in horse races, with the Thoroughbreds leading the list.

Everything you need to know about Horse Racing

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Famous Horse Breeds

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Best Horse Breeds and Types for Racing

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Most and Expensive Popular Horse Types and Breeds

We already talked about speed and mentioned some horse breeds. It is now time to see which of the horse breeds is the most expensive. Some of the names on this list here have already been mentioned in the text above, but we’ll see some of the reasons behind this. In general, these horse breeds are used for racing mainly, which is why they are so expensive. The Quarter horse and the Thoroughbred are considered one of the most expensive horse breeds. Their price can vary in the range of 50 000 – 90 000$. However, the most expensive horse breed is the Arabian horse and it’s price can go for up to 1 000 000$. They became popular in the 1980s and since then became a symbol of social status in the Arab countries, slowly becoming popular in the US as well.

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